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A leader in Nordic real estate

Niam is its employees. We pride ourselves on being the best partner to our tenants, investors and the local community. Since inception in 1998, Niam has consistently outperformed through all real estate cycles. Today we are one of the largest private property owners in the Nordics, headquartered in Stockholm with local offices in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Luxembourg.

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Niam presents Näsby Park

When building communities we have a great responsibility, here is a short film about our strategy when managing properties and working with development projects.

Niams core-plus funds

Our core-plus fund strategy comprises two funds focusing on commercial properties and residentials in the Nordic region.

Current projects

Näsby Castle Residential Development

The property is located in the municipality of Täby, approximately 10 kilometers north of Stockholm. The property enjoys a waterfront location with

Stockholm Industrial Conversion

Vandenbergh 9 is located in Mariehäll, right next to the Bällsta River. It is an industrial building comprising approximately 33,500 sqm, which was

Stockholm Harbor Front Development

Stockholm Harbor Front Development was acquired in April 2016 and is located in Värtahamnen, one of the largest development areas in Stockholm.

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Sustainable action renders results

Sustainability has been part of our strategy from day one. We are firm believers in having a well-developed sustainability plan, both for the direct business benefits and for the greater good.