Niam’s ambition is to contribute to a globally sustainable development. We believe not only that it is a moral obligation to act sustainably, but also that it is a strategic priority in order to mitigate risks, meet growing expectations and ensure high yields in the longer term.

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Niam’s sustainability strategy is based on the assumption that contributing to a globally sustainable development is a key driver for enhancing long term value to tenants, clients and investors. Our sustainability strategy has been developed to maximise the trade-offs between our positive impact on different sustainability aspects while at the same time managing ESG risks and financial returns. In our daily operations, this is ensured by incorporating ESG considerations in all major decisions and providing a high degree of freedom to our colleagues on how Niam’s different platforms can reach our common ambition.

With all our business built on real estate and infrastructure, sectors historically known for their negative impacts on the environment, fighting climate change and environmental degradation is a foundation of our sustainability strategy. Clear short- and long-term goals are applicable to Niam AB Group, while different subsidiaries and platforms contribute to these in different ways, ranging from reducing own GHG emissions to advancing society’s transition to clean energy.

On the social side of the ESG spectrum, Niam is committed to build inclusive and safe societies where people can prosper. This applies to everyone living or working in our assets, but also to our own employees, on whose efforts our future success depends.

Niam Sustainability Reports

In our Sustainability Report, you will gain insights into our strategy, our actions, and the measures we take to foster a positive impact on the built environment.