Our Team

At Niam, we pride ourselves on having built one of the strongest real estate investment teams in Northern Europe.

We are a team of 50+ investment professionals that are passionate about investing. Our combined seniority and breadth of experience allows us to execute on all investment opportunities within our scope.

In order to deliver value to our stakeholders our investment team conducts rigid due diligence in each part of the investment process to consider all aspects of each asset Niam considers for its funds. The team takes a holistic approach to each asset we invest in so that we maximise its value- to tenants, fund investors and the surrounding environment. The team’s attention to detail and commitment to continuous improvement enable Niam to consistently perform among the top Real Estate fund managers in Europe.

Driving our fund acquisitions are our Country Managers that present opportunities to the Niam Transaction Committee. These senior Niam executives have, on average, more than 20 years’ of Real Estate experience, and have invested across the Nordics and sectors.

Real Estate Investment Team

Rikard Henriksson

Rikard Henriksson has been with Niam since 2010 and heads up the real estate business, which includes asset management, project development, acquisitions, financing, and the local country teams. Prior to joining Niam, Rikard spent 16 years with the Real Estate and Development divisions of the Skanska Corporation. Before that, Rikard held the position of Managing Director of Järvastaden AB, a large development area in Stockholm. Rikard also held various project management positions within the Skanska Group.

Daniel Andersson

Daniel Andersson is the Head of Acquisitions at Niam. He is responsible for sourcing, negotiating and executing real estate transactions in Sweden. Daniel has 20 years’ experience in real estate transactions in the Nordics and before joining Niam, he worked for three years as Partner & Head of Real Estate Corporate Finance at the Norwegian investment bank Arctic Securities. Prior to that he worked for seven years as Head of Capital Markets and Nordic coordinator at CBRE.

Henrik Gerdin

Henrik Gerdin has been with Niam since 2018, and previously from 2007 to 2016. He is the Fund Manager for Niam VI and Niam VIII and has overall responsibility for the funds. Prior to joining Niam as a Fund Manager in 2018, he was Head of Transactions at the Swedish listed company Kungsleden, and before that worked at the transaction team at Niam as a director. Henrik began his career at PBB’s London office in the structured finance & investment banking department.

Victor Wettergren

Victor Wettergren is the Fund Manager of Niam Core-Plus funds. Prior to re-joining Niam in 2015, Victor spent 8 years with Newsec Asset Management where he held various management positions including Head of Transaction & Analysis and most recent, Key Account Manager on the Niam account. He was also a member of the Management Team at Newsec and Partner at Stronghold. Victor commenced his career in 2000 at Swedish listed real estate company Drott.

Erik Rydström

Erik Rydström has been with Niam since 2012. He is the Fund Manager for Niam VII and is responsible for the asset management activities and business plans within the fund. Prior to joining Niam AB, he spent two years as the Property Director and Deputy CEO of Storebrand Fastigheter AB. From 2005 to 2010 he was a director and member of the management team at Fastighets AB LE Lundeberg.

Antti Muilu

Antti Muilu is the Country Manager and Head of Acquisitions and Asset Management for Finland. He joined Niam in 2017 and has 15 years of experience investing in real estate, both from an institution’s perspective as well as from an investment company’s perspective. Antti joined Niam from pension company Mutual Pension Insurance Company Elo, where he headed their real estate investments in Finland from 2014 to 2017.

Jacob de Lichtenberg

Jacob de Lichtenberg is the Country Manager and Head of Acquisition and Asset Management for Denmark since July 2023. Jacob has previously served as Head of Niam’s Danish transaction team since 2019. Jacob holds an MSc in Finance and Investments from Copenhagen Business School and joined Niam from Cushman & Wakefield | RED, where he was a senior associate focusing on advisory and valuations.

Morten Roland

Morten Roland is Country Manager in Norway and has over 20 years' experience and demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry. Morten joined Niam in January 2023 after having been engaged through his own management and investment company since August 2021. Prior to that, he has held positions in leading companies such as DNB Næringsmegling (Director transactions), Arctic Securities (Partner and Project Broker) and Bertel O. Steen Eiendom (Property Manager and Marketing Director).

Michael Berthelsen

Michael Berthelsen is Senior Director and Head of Acquisitions and Asset Management for Denmark (former Country Manager). Prior to joining Niam as Associate Director in 2011, Michael was a Finance Manager at Aberdeen Asset Management where he worked with a portfolio of local Danish shopping centers. Prior to this role, Michael held various management positions at Danske Bank and Handelsbanken, which are leading Danish financial institutions that merged in 1990.