Our Funds

Our main business area is to manage real estate funds with real estate investments in all sectors. We are active in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Poland.

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Real Estate Opportunistic

This is Niam’s longest running strategy and one of the longest running fund series in the Nordics. Targeting opportunistic value creation across the Nordic regions, our opportunistic fund program has withstood major market dislocations over more than two decades and delivered consistent returns to our investors.

Niam Nordic opportunistic strategy is unconstrained by both geography and sector, allowing the fund to seek out value without limitations. As a result, Niam and its partners are able to capture nearly every opportunity available and we are able to be more creative by considering the end result of the assets that we are acquiring.

Real Estate Core Plus

Niam’s Nordic core-plus strategy invests in office, retail and residential real estate across the region and focuses on stable income generation. Through the combination of income yield and capital appreciation Niam offers a unique value proposition in the Nordic region. 

Launched over a decade ago, this all-weather strategy has performed well across market cycles and reaps the benefit of investing in stabilized assets where Niam can undertake limited value-add activities to enhance yield and value. In addition to capturing upside in the assets we acquire, we focus on the downside risks for each new asset. Specifically, we consider the strategic location of the assets, the tenant mix and how we can develop this as well as our ESG undertaking.

Real Estate Opportunistic

Life Science Center: Fostering Innovation and Sustainability in Keilaniemi

In the bustling urban district of Keilaniemi, Niam is embarking on an exciting venture to develop an expansion to the Life Science Center business park, creating a thriving and sustainable ecosystem for businesses.

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