Why join us?

It is our vision to be Northern Europe’s leading real asset manager and partner of choice. To do that and to thrive in the competitive and ever-changing marketplace where we operate, we must attract, develop, and bring together the best employees in our industry. We know that our collective knowledge makes us a preferred partner. We unite leading expertise, and our people are the key to Niam’s success.

Four strong reasons to join us

I really enjoy working at Niam because I have such talented colleagues from whom I can learn and ask questions if I don’t know something.
Sini Laine, Associate Niam Finland

This characterizes us

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Performance driven culture

We are a team of specialists with a passion to perform, uniting leading expertise to put capital and ideas to work. 

We have a strong will to deliver results, perform and change. We place high expectations on ourselves – and on each other. With constant encouragement and spurring each other on we can make constant advances. 

Growing people potential

We identify your strengths for you to evolve with Niam.

We attract the very best, but we also ensure that you are the best you can be. With Niam, you get help to identify your strengths and grow with us. By setting personal goals and having structured follow-up, we can find the right career path for you. What do you want to do? How long will it take to achieve? And what are the steps needed to get there? Together we create a plan for your development.

Strong heritage and legacy

With a consistent track record since our inception in 1998, we have built a leading position and a strong reputation in the market.

As a part of Niam, you are part of one of the Nordics' largest real estate companies. We are a stable partner – not only when there are tailwinds but also when the wind is light. We don’t back down. When the world changes, so do we, by rethinking and thinking anew.

Leading by example

We support and bring out the best in each other, together and as individuals.

As part of Niam, you are never on your own. Our collective expertise is what makes us unique, and it is together that we grow. We set good examples, listen and support each other. We share our insights – with each other and with our customers. In this way we bring out the best in everyone and  build strong relationships.


Quotes from our employees

"The entrepreneurial atmosphere is highly motivating. It is a hands-on approach with short lead times. As such we can be flexible and quick to adapt to changing circumstances." Linus Hägg, CIO of Niam Infrastructure

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Do you want to put capital to work and unite leading expertise? Come and grow with us!

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