With many different platforms and stakeholders, Niam has adopted overarching ESG goals at group level, complemented with more detailed goals and commitments for different funds and subsidiaries.

Mosaik Haninge Low

Niam's goals are based on our internal materiality analysis as well as international frameworks such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

All our goals are regularly reviewed, both in terms of pertinence and ambition level and in terms of our progress. If we find that we are lagging behind on a goal, an assessment is made of what is needed to get back on track. If a goal is considered as being obsolete or of too low ambition, the goal is revised.

Real Estate

For Niam Real Estate we have committed to further specific goals on, for example, reducing energy consumption to 100 kWh/sqm on average, as well as on other environmental aspects such as building certifications, waste and water.


Niam Infrastructure has committed to goals for increasing society’s renewable energy capacity and energy generation and reduction of CO2 emissions. 


Niam Credit has committed to goals for at least 50% loans with sustainability aspects.

Niam's overall ESG goals


  • Net zero CO2 emissions by 2045 for new construction
  • Net zero CO2 emissions by 2030 for standing assets


  • Satisfied employees and stakeholders
  • Safe and social attractive assets and development projects


  • Niam - A trustworthy company – Compliant and transparent

For a full list of the goals of Niam AB and its platforms download below. 


Report: Social Investment in the Real Estate Market

The report “Social investment in the real estate market” is written by experts Ingvar Nilsson and Eva Nilsson Lundmark in collaboration with Niam Credit. The aim is to provide valuable insights and guidance to real estate lenders and investors, inspiring them to play an active role in financing and supporting social sustainability projects.

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