Our Strategy

Niam has evolved and enhanced its real estate strategy since its founding in 1998. Through consistent strategy execution, Niam has become one of the largest owners and operators of real estate in the Nordic Region.

From the start, Niam supported global investors to gain access to the Nordics as an operating partner. Since the early 2000s’, Niam has managed its own real estate funds. At our core is the delivery of strong risk -adjusted returns for our investors. We achieve this by ensuring the buildings we develop or acquire become better, for tenants, local communities, and society at large.

The Dockworks Atrium

Opportunistic mindset

Niam seeks out opportunities across all sectors and regions in which we operate. Through the seniority of our team, the breadth of our experience and the trusted partnerships we have built up over the years, Niam is able to execute on any transaction we deem suitable for our mandates.

Since Niam is unconstrained by sectors or geographical limitations, we are able to find value where peers may look away. This enables Niam to have a more innovative mindset, which entails looking at an asset not for what it is today, but what it could be in the future.

Constantly learning

If Niam has limited internal competence in an area, we seek to learn while partnering with best-in-class operators to deliver the intended product. We are very conscious of which competences are essential to retain inhouse, and those which we can successfully acquire thorough the networks we have built up over the years.

Real Estate Opportunistic

Niam acquires Helsfyr Panorama, expanding Oslo Portfolio

Niam acquires Helsfyr Panorama, a high-rise office building in Oslo's Eastern fringe. Conveniently located at an established office hub with easy access to metro and bus services.

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