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Sini Ojala, Associate, Niam Finland 

Sini Ojala is an Associate at Niam, stationed at the Helsinki office in Finland. Her journey with Niam began in the role of Business Controller, giving her the opportunity to experience Niam's transaction processes, which sparked an interest. Since 2019, she has been a part of the transaction team, primarily concentrating on acquisitions. Additionally, she engages in sales when there is an ongoing sales process within the Finish team.

Navigating the international real estate landscape in Helsinki

I've developed a keen interest in the real estate sector, realizing its size and complexity, especially within the tight-knit community here in Finland. The centralization of the real estate investment sector in Helsinki has exposed me to many brilliant professionals. Within Transactions, you build valuable relationships with brokers and lawyers, gaining access to information beyond what is available in market reports. I like working in an international environment where you get to speak English and meet people from different countries and different backgrounds.

I would say that each transaction is a highlight and an achievement, a testament to a great team effort – from the initial stages of modeling to the final signing of the agreements and deal closure. It almost feels like navigating a winding river, with its twists and turns, creating a sense of accomplishment even when faced with uncertainties along the way.

After the closing of the transaction, the responsibility of the asset is transferred from the acquisition team to the asset management team. However, since we are such a small group of people you get to witness the evolution of the asset and see if the assumptions made initially are realized. 

Each transaction is a highlight and an achievement, a testament to a great team effort – from the initial stages of modeling to the final signing of the SPA and deal closure.
Sini Ojala, Associate, Niam Finland

Transitioning to work-life balance

Before joining Niam, I worked in auditing at a large international company. As the long hours took their toll, I began questioning if I wanted to follow the expected path at that firm. However, some of my colleagues had Niam as a client, and when contemplating a job change, the name rang a bell. While I only had a little knowledge about Niam initially, I knew it was a real estate investment company.

My initial motivation to apply was to achieve a healthier work-life balance and work internationally. The prospect of transitioning to a business controller position at Niam sounded intriguing and aligned with my career aspirations. I applied, marking the beginning of my journey at Niam.

Today I have one daughter and am currently pregnant with my second child, starting another parent leave early next year. This represents to me the tangible possibility of maintaining a fulfilling and stimulating career alongside the joys of having a family. Balance in life is incredibly important for one's overall well-being.

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The very best things about Niam

I appreciate the wealth of experience among my colleagues. From those who witnessed past financial crises to those navigating the current market, they hold an understanding of cycles and history. Their knowledge extends to the intricacies of the real estate sector in Finland, including the history of buildings and tenants. Working with such talented colleagues is the most valuable aspect of my job. 

In transactions, each case is unique, and the job remains dynamic and consistently interesting. It never gets boring.  

When working on project-type tasks, flexibility with hours is important. However, once a project is completed, it’s easier to take time off or have shorter days. There's no pressure to work extra hours; our boss is clear that overtime isn't required and  I've never felt obligated to work in the evenings or on weekends.

Open-mindedness and continuous learning

My future aspirations involve continuous learning within transactions. There's always more to understand and so many opportunities. While I've gained a lot of experience, my goal is to build the knowledge and confidence to eventually handle things more independently. Understanding the intricacies, risks, and approvals would allow me to make decisions with increased confidence. 

For future colleagues at Niam, having an open mind and being easy-going, especially in Finland, goes a long way. Personality is key, and as you learn about real estate, don't hesitate to ask questions. Getting along with different people is crucial, and with an adaptable and friendly attitude, you'll do great.