The internship experience – embracing great responsibilities

The internship experience – embracing great responsibilities  Image

Oscar Frost, Niam Denmark

In June 2022, Oscar Frost joined Niam's internship programme as a junior analyst while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics at the University of Copenhagen. Within a year, he received an offer for a full-time position at Niam, concurrently completing his master's degree by June. Balancing both academia and professional responsibilities appeared to suit Oscar well, as he spoke highly of the concept of internship during the interview.

My internship period turned out to be full of responsibilities and I am truly grateful for the trust that has been given me by the entire team.
Oscar Frost, Junior Analyst, Niam Denmark

“An internship is a perfect way to strengthen both your professional life and your studies at the same time. The underlying idea of an internship lies in applying theoretical knowledge into practical scenarios and it gives you good perspective on your academic learnings. You also get a better understanding on what you later will dive in to when it comes to work life.”

Oscar was drawn to Niam’s internship program due to the company's strong reputation in Denmark and its innovative real estate projects.

"Niam's reputation in Denmark aligned well with my personal and professional values. The company’s culture emphasising individual growth and early career advancements appealed greatly to me. After joining Niam, I could personally confirm that the company’s excellent reputation was indeed justified. My internship experience has really helped me grow, providing new angles on the real estate industry and improving my skills in financial analysis among others."

Personal attributes for success at Niam

During his internship, Oscar worked in the transaction team, gaining key insights into financial analysis and modelling.

"As an intern, having a foundation of professional skills is crucial, coupled with personal attributes. It's essential to be able to merge these qualities but most of all you have to have the interest – if you are curious, proactive and take initiatives – that will be rewarding. Another piece of advice I can offer is to actively seek responsibility as an intern, as it can significantly enhance the learning experience. Throughout my internship I have received great support from my mentor, Emil, striking a balance between increased responsibilities with my personal and professional growth.”

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Team dynamics at Niam

Working at the Niam office in Copenhagen Oscar emphasizes teamwork as crucial to the company’s success.

“I can see that the essence of Niam’s success lies in teamwork and mutual support. As an intern you will be given the opportunity to collaborate across different teams, so you have to be able to adapt to various situations and it is really important that you are a team player.”

Working in a cross-functional role has provided Oscar with a comprehensive understanding of the entire real estate cycle and the different processes in the industry.

“I gained insights into various aspects and learnt more about the asset management and construction processes, beyond financial transactions. When you come straight from the university this is such a good opportunity to get to try out diverse work tasks, collaborate with different teams, understand organizational structures, and expand your professional network."

Notable achievements

Oscar expressed pride in contributing to various projects during his internship, particularly highlighting a smaller-scale residential portfolio adjustment.

"I was working on this smaller case where I assumed greater responsibility and despite its modest size it turned out to be a very successful acquisition. It was rewarding to have a front-row seat in the project and it reinforced a strong sense of accomplishment.”

Throughout the interview, Oscar emphasized the theme of responsibility.

“My internship period turned out to be full of responsibilities and I am truly grateful for the trust that has been given me by the entire team. At all organizational levels, I felt entrusted, and I couldn't be happier to have been offered a full-time position at Niam. It's the ideal way to kickstart my career!"

Key skills for interns according to Oscar

ADAPTABILITY: The ability to adjust to varying tasks and situations. PROACTIVITY: Taking initiative and demonstrating a proactive approach to work.