The internship experience – opportunities in the real estate market

The internship experience – opportunities in the real estate market Image

Paulina Metsämäki, Niam Finland

Paulina Metsämäki is a student at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland. Currently, she is completing her master's thesis on Predicting Financial Distress and is set to graduate this summer. Paulina is genuinely pleased to have secured an internship at Niam, working within real estate. She believes it's an exceptional time to be in the industry, given the rapid market changes and the impact on society.

"Being involved in the real estate market is an excellent opportunity to deepen my understanding of the built environment and our surroundings. For instance, in Helsinki, there are buildings I pass by every day, and now I have the chance to learn what goes on inside and who the tenants are. It provides me with an overview and a sense of being part of Helsinki's evolving landscape."

Paulina came across Niam last fall when the acquisition of Tennispalatsi (Tennis Palace) made headlines in the Finnish newspapers.

“Tennispalatsi is a landmark here in Helsinki and the story caught my attention. Around the same time, I spotted the internship ad on our university's career site. When I read the job description and explored the website, I was impressed by Niam's track record in acquisitions and the company’s core values – and that made me apply for the internship.

Being proactive, adaptable, and possessing strong communication skills are valuable traits to master. As an intern, no one expects you to be a seasoned professional, so just be curious and show that you're keen to learn – that's crucial.
Paulina Metsämäki , intern, Niam Finland

Gaining practical skills

Paulina secured one of the two available intern positions at Niam's office in Helsinki, a smaller office right in the heart of the city with a team of 9 employees. After just a few weeks at Niam, she feels that she has developed numerous practical skills that will prepare her for her future career.

“First and foremost, I'm gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the different phases of a real estate asset´s life cycle, from acquisition to disposition. I didn't expect to get so much hands-on experience, but I'm already engaged in various projects. At the moment, things are quite busy here at the Helsinki office and I’m primarily supporting the acquisition team by analysing investment opportunities. We analyse everything that comes our way, conduct financial modelling, and examine different market segments. Additionally, I'm involved in a divestment that involves analysing the asset´s financial history and preparing material for the broker.”

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Reflecting on the internship experience

“As an intern, I've had the chance to observe what it's like to work in the real estate industry and connect theoretical knowledge from my studies into practical use. It has also given me a glimpse into what to expect from a workplace, a great experience to have with me. Everyone at the office has been incredibly supportive and it has been great to learn from such talented professionals. Engaging interns is also a good way for Niam to get insights from students and receive help with the workload. It is a win-win for both parties.”

During an internship at Niam, each intern is assigned a mentor who provides guidance and support with daily tasks. Timo Kortelainen, a business controller at Niam, is serving as Paulina's mentor during her internship.

“Mentoring future superstars in our industry is an enriching experience. It's rewarding to witness their growth and contribute to their professional journey by fostering a culture of excellence and developing their skillsets,” Timo shared.

As Paulina describes it, it's a win-win for everyone involved!