Nima Inaugurates Stockholm 240307 2

Nima Energy is rolling out ultra-fast EV charging sites

Nima Energy is based in Malmö. The company was founded in 2020 based on the importance of establishing ultra-fast EV charging infrastructure for the society-wide shift to fossil-free vehicles. Back in 2022 Niam and Nima embarked on a collaboration to realise the company’s plans to roll out and operate ultrafast charging stations around Sweden and on to the rest of the Nordic region. As a result, Niam Infra Fund became a minority shareholder in Nima.

In 2023 Niam decided to inject additional capital to speed up the roll-out and thus increased its ownership stake in Nima from 15 to 23 percent. In December 2023, Nima opened three charging sites with a total of 24 charging points along three major highways in southern Sweden. In total 150 charging points were under construction at the start of 2024. In February, two sites with 12 charging points opened in central Stockholm and another 38 charging points will open in the city during the summer.

“Our charging points are fast, easy and reliable. Using the latest technology, with a minimum of 300 kW, it is possible to charge up to 300 km in about 15 minutes. We offer this service at a favourable flat price and this regardless of whether you use your credit card or our app. In addition, we are located in strategic and attractive locations, where you as a driver need us to be,” says Marcus Landelin, CEO of Nima Energy.

Nima Inaugurates Stockholm 240307

Nima inaugurates its first sites for ultra-fast EV charging in Stockholm's inner city, March 7, 2024.

To enable the transition to electrical vehicles, more ultrafast charging is needed along the network of highways and major roads. In big cities where there is a great number of commercial vehicles, such as taxis, and a large part of the population lives in flats, it is also a crucial part of the puzzle. Starting in Sweden, Nima’s ambition is to, by the end of 2026, build a total of 1,250 ultrafast charging points in in the Nordic region. Niam infrastructure’s investment in the company helps to accelerate the process, and thereby the transition of the vehicle fleet. 

"It's really exciting to follow the rapid expansion of our portfolio company Nima. The transition to electric vehicles is contingent on significant infrastructure investments. Together with Nima we have the opportunity to accelerate this transition by rolling-out accessible and ultra-fast EV charging that cater to the needs of drivers, today and tomorrow, says Sverker Åkerblom, CEO of Niam Infrastructure.