Stavanger HQ (1)

Urban appeal – perfect spot for office property in Stavanger

The property is situated in Stavanger on Norway's west coast and has a BREEAM-NOR Excellent certification for its sustainability. It is currently fully occupied by two tenants: Wintershall DEA, a natural gas and oil company, and Hinna Park AS. Both of these tenants have extended lease agreements in place, ensuring a stable and long-term occupancy for the property.

The property is situated within Hinna Park, a modern office and residential cluster that represents Stavanger municipality's vision for revitalizing the area, previously occupied by oil industry production companies. The property, located by the waterfront, is the final office building completed in the first stage of the Hinna Park development in 2016. Strategically, the area is positioned between Stavanger city center and Sandnes, the region's two largest urban areas, offering excellent accessibility to the airport, a direct train station connection, highways, and multiple bus lines serving the entire region.

Looking ahead, Hinna Park is poised for continued growth in the coming decade as stage two of development begins. Plans include substantial residential and commercial expansion, further enhancing the area's urban appeal and public services.

Stavanger – Northern Europe’s energy capital

The Stavanger region is the third largest urban area in Norway with 250,000 inhabitants and considered one of the major university cities’ in Norway. Moreover, Stavanger is Northern Europe’s energy capital and a leading agricultural county in Norway. The airport in Stavanger, Sola Airport, is the second largest airport in Norway when counting international air traffic, proving the international profile of the economy in the region.

Wintershall Dea Stavanger
Wintershall Dea Stavanger