Niam takes important steps on sustainability journey

Niam takes important steps on sustainability journey Image

Looking back at 2022, Niam has continued to take several important steps on our sustainability journey, making sustainability an even more integrated part of our business. This is described in Niam´s annual Sustainability Report for 2022.

Gustav Thörnqvist, the Sustainability Manager of Niam, is pleased with the progress the company has made in sustainability over the past year. He credits this improvement to the dedication of Niam's employees, who have shown a great commitment to sustainable practices in their daily work. Thörnqvist states, "Niam's sustainability journey is crucial to ensuring our long-term business resilience, and our entire company is committed to translating policies into meaningful action."

I am delighted to see the growth in Niam's internal expertise, competence, and engagement in sustainability.
Gustav Thörnqvist, Sustainability Manager

Niam's sustainability efforts in 2022

Niam’s sustainability efforts in 2022 have included taking several steps such as:

  • Further integration of ESG in our business
    One of the most important steps was the implementation of new processes for sustainability assessments during acquisitions and action plans for sustainability improvements during holding. That makes sustainability an even more integrated part of our bu­siness, from investment to management activities and divestment, creating value for our customers and in our properties.
  • Full integration of Niam Infrastructure
    During the year Niam Infrastructure was fully integrated into our operations. With their focus on sustainabili­ty infrastructure investments such as solar and EV-charging, they are contributing to Niam’s sustainability transition.
  • Investment in new ESG platform
    Niam has invested in a new ESG platform for ESG data management, which will allow us to collect, calculate, visualize, and analyze all our ESG data in one place. Accurate data is fundamental to fact-based decision-making geared towards reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and meeting our sustainability goals.
  • Increasing focus on social sustainability
    During 2022 Niam has increased the focus on social sustainability. Niam has contributed to com­munity engagement activities for visitors in our commercial real estate areas, as well as for tenants in our residential areas.

Looking forward Niam is committed to further enhancing our focus on ESG actions in 2023 and beyond. Niam has now a solid sustainability process, but continuous improvements and increased ESG actions are necessary to meet the ambitious targets.

Niam's sustainability journey creates value for our stakeholders while contributing to a more sustainable future. Click here to read the full Sustainability Report for 2022 and learn more about our ongoing efforts and our plans for the future.