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Niam is developing Väsby Centrum – 600 new residences planned

Niam is developing Väsby Centrum – 600 new residences planned Image

In 2021, Niam acquired Väsby Centrum, and the area is now facing extensive development and enhancement of both commerce and residences.

Väsby municipality has recently issued a positive planning permit, signifying that a large parking area adjacent to the center will be transformed into new apartments, and the area will be complemented with green paths, meeting places, and squares.

It's always rewarding when the development process moves forward.
Hans Lisserkers, Head of Project Development at Niam

"We have a good dialogue with Upplands Väsby municipality, and together we are taking a comprehensive approach where the detailed plan integrates this area and creates conditions for more residences and injecting vitality into the district”, says Hans Lisserkers, Head of Project Development at Niam.

As the parking area is excavated and relocated, space with the potential for 600 new apartments will be released in the coming years. The planning of five new residential blocks naturally entails an influx of more residents in the area, which in turn imposes greater demands for a diverse range of shops, community services, health care, and restaurants. Niam's vision is for the center trade to be accessible and attractive, meeting the visitor's everyday needs. The municipality currently has around 50,000 residents, and the commercial center aims to become a significant meeting place contributing to safety and well-being.

"Thanks to the construction of attractive residences in this location, Väsby can continue its journey towards becoming a modern small town. I am grateful that the collaboration with Niam makes this possible," says Mathias Bohman, Chairman of the Municipal Board in Upplands Väsby.

Väsby Centrum was inaugurated in 1972 and consists of 35,500 square meters of spaces, strategically located near important communication hubs in the northern Stockholm region. In the past two years, Niam has acquired seven commercial properties in the Stockholm area, totaling 187,500 square meters, with nearly 137,000 of them being shopping center areas. These locations share significant development potential, and Niam aims to further strengthen their positions as the obvious local meeting places for residents, commerce, socializing, and various types of community services.