Sustainability is a work in progress

Sustainability is a work in progress Image

Sustainability is a work in progress where each step forward means learning and evolving. This is why our approach is multifaceted and adaptable to the changing needs of people and the environment.

For Niam it is important to have a solid base for our sustainability work, prioritize the most important aspects and constantly make improvements. Niam´s sustainability efforts during 2023 has been mostly focused on more sustainability action in our assets to meet our goals, governance, data quality and social sustainability.

Our journey towards sustainability is dependent on creating positive impacts within our assets, and we are pleased to highlight various initiatives in this sustainability report that contribute to this goal.

  • Niam Real Estate has invested in important improvements to the energy performance leading to increase of renewable energy consumption and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

  • Niam Infrastructure’s investment in Nima Energy is presently helping the roll-out of ultrafast charging infrastructure for electrical vehicles

  • Niam Credit has identified methods for property owners and financiers in the real estate sector to promote social sustainability. This will guide Niam’s own methodology and aims to inspire other industry players

With evolving stakeholder expectations and regulatory frameworks, establishing robust data quality is paramount. This past year, we have done a targeted effort to collect more data and ensure that it is reliable and comprehensive. As a result, we can now add more metrics and include Credit platform in the Sustainability Report next to Real Estate and Infrastructure, meaning that the report gives us a better understanding of our operations than ever before. This gives us a better ability to track our progress and compare performances year by year.

In terms of governance, we want to introduce a new addition to this year's report: the climate risk section. This marks the first time we present our analysis aligned with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

We are deliberate in our actions, focusing on initiatives that not only align with our role but also maximise positive outcomes for all.
Rikard Henriksson & Jennifer Andersson, Managing Partners at Niam

We are proud of our achievements to date, having taken significant steps towards creating a better environment, more attractive neighbourhoods and safer workplaces whilst creating value for our investors. Looking ahead, we will continue to push ourselves with high ambitions.