Meet Louise Frankenberg

Meet Louise Frankenberg Image

The Channel to our investors – Meet Louise Frankenberg, Head of Investor Services.

What is your role at Niam?

My job is to be the main contact person for our existing investor base. My team and I work closely with our investors, ensuring that we have a professional level of investor services. Our mission is to provide them with best-in-class reports, annual meetings and communication/responsiveness. At Niam we have created a foundation for strong and long-lasting relationships with our existing investors and my job is to work continuously to maintain and further develop our good relations.

By coordinating various investor requests and assignments, my team and I  get to collaborate with colleagues from all the business units within Niam. This gives us an overall perspective of the company and a great deal of social interaction with the rest of the Niam team. 

What do you enjoy about working at Niam?

There is a culture here of people being given a lot of trust and support by more experienced colleagues. I think this says a lot about Niam as a company. Who you are as an individual and your commitment plays a big role, the rest can be learned. If you are faced with a challenge, you will be encouraged to find and suggest solutions, always with the input and support of colleagues.

The job offers great variety, everything from building relationships and working in a team, to finding novel solutions. I find it to be non-hierarchical and that everyone is important for the company – everyone is needed to get the job done.
Louise Frankenberg, Head of Investor Services