Contributing to Security and Engagement

Niam owns Haninge Centrum, a shopping centre in the south of Stockholm. During 2022, Niam has been part of the initiative Haninge Entré (Haninge Entrance), which seeks to contribute to security and engagement in the area through community activities.

Part of Niam’s sustainability work concerns the contribution to Sustainable cities and communities and Safety and security in and around buildings. We believe it to be critical for our standing as a trusted real estate fund manager and financial actor to do work proactively with social sustainability, simultaneously as we work to limit negative environment impacts.

In the shopping centre Haninge Centrum, certain times of the day have seen limited visitors, which has caused a sense of insecurity among local residents and shoppers. Niam is a proud partner to the initiative Haninge Entré, which seeks to increase the actual and perceived sense of security in the area. The initiative is run by the non-profit organization with the same name, and other partners include the municipality, other real estate companies and local supermarket.

As a property owner, Niam aims to contribute to the feeling of belonging and security and promote the willingness to spend time in the centre and its adjacent areas.
Ulrika Fjellborg Almqvist, project manager, Niam Sweden

As a partner Niam contributes with funding, which goes to the running of the initiative, including the employment of two employees and the activities. During the year more public furniture has been brought to the centre, including benches, tables, flowers and lighting. There have also been dance and sport events, art projects, a bike workshop, citizen dialogues as well as activities during the different holidays. Leading up to Christmas for example, there was both a Christmas market, a Lucia procession and the initiative put up Christmas trees covered in lights along a pathway leading from the centre to the commuter train station. 

April Maj 3

The local community, including residents and people working in the area, have been engaged and informed about activities of the initiative through social media. A knowledge council is held on a quarterly basis, which allows for continuous follow-up on initiatives. 

When planning the development of the area, a key objective for Niam is to transform the centre to invite more gatherings and street life, restaurants, and commerce. This could contribute to the attractiveness of the real estate in the area, by making it an area where people want to socialize and where people feel safe.

Haninge Centrum