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Copenhagen Towers: a Landmark property

Attractive office facilities with minimal environmental impact located centrally in Copenhagen

In 2019 Niam acquired the landmark property, Copenhagen Towers, which includes three office buildings and a hotel. Located in the Ørestad neighbourhood of Copenhagen, its location is ideal not only in Copenhagen but the world, with the largest airport in the Nordic region just one train-stop away.

Copenhagen Towers’ four buildings are most recognized by the 21 story “North Tower”, designed by Foster and Partnerss, and the hotel building. Not only does it house several international companies and organizations but also serves as the setting for Hotel Crowne Plaza, which guarantees gastronomy and high service that match the modern office facilities. The property offers great infrastructure with five minutes to the Copenhagen Airport and direct access to the Copenhagen highway grid, train and metro services.

The tenants include blue chip companies such as Vattenfall, Vestas Wind Solutions, Ericsson as well as Bygningsstyrelsen.

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After completion of the North Tower in 2016, the Copenhagen Towers won the Danish Design Award for in the category ”building markets” due to its high sustainability profile, thanks in no small part to the use of recycled materials, which have been incorporated into the building’s interior without compromising aesthetics or quality.

Copenhagen Towers is designed with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, equipped with solar panels and an advanced ventilation system, among other features.

It is equipped with Denmark's first groundwater-based cooling and heating system, which not only ensures a comfortable working environment year-round for the benefit of the 5,000 jobs within the building but also contributes to a 90% reduction in energy consumption compared to similar properties.

In addition, a significant portion of the electricity used to operate the building is sourced directly from its own solar power system. This means that the building has achieved a Platinum certification on the American LEED rating system, the highest possible certification.

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