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Gothenburg Office Property with Volvo Cars as Key Tenant


The Gothenburg Office Property consists of a flexible and modern office building in Torslanda, Gothenburg. The entire space is fully leased to Volvo Cars, making it their newest and most modern office premises in the area. The building plays a vital role in supporting Volvo's R&D unit, next to the headquarters and main production facilities. Additionally, the property holds Miljöbyggnad Silver certification by the Sweden Green Building Council, showcasing its commitment to sustainability.

We are focusing on maintaining a strong and fruitful relationship with Volvo Cars to address any tenant demands. Our priority is to understand their everyday needs and support their local ESG initiatives as they arise. Our dedication to understanding tenant needs and proactive collaboration contributes to the thriving business landscape in Gothenburg. 

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Volov Cars – a strong presence in Torslanda

Volvo Cars has consistently demonstrated their commitment to Gothenburg, with announcements regarding investments in a new battery factory and a wind tunnel in close proximity to our property.