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Helsinki Waterfront: a Landmark Opportunity in the Heart of the City

We’re proud to announce that Niam has won the international competition for the exclusive right to develop Helsinki Waterfront (Makasiiniranta), a prime seafront location near Helsinki's central business district and a significant part of the Helsinki National Landscape. This iconic area presents an exciting prospect for Niam to create a unique project that combines a 26,000 sqm hotel and office space.

Niam's role

With a focus on long-term investments and value creation, Niam aims to design, lease, build, and develop this exceptional place in the heart of central Helsinki. This venture represents more than a mere transaction; it symbolizes Niam’s commitment to being a stable and competent company that engages in the city’s property development.

We are honored to be part of this project, as it allows us to play a significant role in shaping the pedestrian city center and the picturesque seaside trail of Helsinki. This cherished location holds immense importance for residents and visitors alike, and we are excited to contribute to its development.
- Antti Muilu, Country Manager

Sustainable development and cultural respect: Niam's commitment

As Niam embarks on this landmark project, we are dedicated to sustainable development and responsibility. Our commitment is evident in our approach to incorporating sustainable solutions, selecting the right materials, and implementing local energy production. While specific sustainability aspects will be further explored throughout the project, our commitment to incorporating environmental considerations and fostering a thriving, vibrant community remains steadfast.

A thriving future for Helsinki Waterfront

The development of Helsinki Waterfront represents a significant milestone for both the city and Niam as a company. Through a progressive mindset, Niam aim to create a thriving environment that adds value to the area while respecting its historical and cultural significance. This venture showcases Niam's dedication to long-term investments, sustainability, and responsible development, shaping a brighter future for Helsinki's iconic waterfront.