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Kalasataman Horisontti: a Forthcoming Landmark in Helsinki

In March 2023, Niam entered into an agreement with SRV Construction to acquire Kalasataman Horisontti – a development project spanning 11,700 sqm and containing Finland's tallest office tower, a 26-floor structure standing at 111 meters. Kalasataman Horisontti will be Finland’s first office skyscraper, making it a unique and beautiful landmark. 

Situated atop the Redi shopping center, a 5-minute metro ride from Helsinki center, Kalasataman Horisontti offers first-class premises and services. The building's presence will contribute to the vibrancy and attractiveness of the area, and provide modern, attractive and unique office spaces for companies in Helsinki. 

I am incredibly proud of being part of this project. It represents a remarkable opportunity to shape the skyline of Helsinki with Finland's first office skyscraper.
Jan Malms, Director,Niam Finland

Making Kalasataman Horisontti a remarkable property

Throughout this project, Niam and SRV will collaborate to create a magnificent landmark building that will meet the evolving needs of users – today and tomorrow. 

The building will offer adaptable premises with state-of-the-art systems, promoting energy efficiency, multi-functionality, and a supportive working environment. Ensuring the quality of indoor air conditions has also been a significant focus, as well as following relevant certifications and standards, with a particular emphasis on creating energy-efficient solutions. The office spaces, for instance, will meet the highest, Platinum-level, criteria of the LEED environmental certificate. 

On top of this, the 24th floor of Horisontti will feature the highest scenic restaurant in the Helsinki metropolitan area; a restaurant open to everyone that will boast views over the Helsinki metropolitan area all the way to Tallinn.

A forward-looking mindset

Collaboration with stakeholders has been vital for ensuring the project's success, with valuable insights and guidance from SRV’s exceptional advisors playing a significant role. Effective communication, a forward-looking mindset, and proactive engagement have formed the foundation of collaboration, fostering a strong sense of shared goals among all parties involved.