Näsby Castle Residential Development

In the surroundings of the historic Näsby Castle in Täby, Niam, together with Täby Municipality, has developed a new neighbourhood called Näsby Slottspark. Its location – near the sea, the castle, and with the Roslagsbanan railway station just outside the castle gates – is unique. The goal has been to transform Näsby Slottspark into a vibrant residential area.  

Näsby Castle

The main building on the property is Näsby Castle, which was erected in 1665 by the famous Swedish architect Nikodemus Tessin. As the detailed plan came into effect during 2018, the castle underwent renovation, and a new restaurant opened to the public. The castle, with its bright plastered facades, continues to stand as the heart of the place, albeit with some details borrowed for the new construction, such as the design of the roofline, the stone of the ground floor, and the boldly designed metal-clad attic apartments.

Nasby Castle 2023

The residential areas

The residential buildings blend harmoniously with the existing structures and the castle environment.

The residential areas in the Northern Park are part of a small-scale garden city neighbourhood, grouped into two distinct quarters. They consist of two-story houses with attic apartments and two-story townhouses. In the Southern Park, senior housing is being built, comprising eight four-story buildings with a recessed top floor as the crowning touch. Here, the focus is on community, activities, services, and care tailored to individual preferences and needs.

The final upper part of Näsby Slottspark, called Strandängarna, is characterized by meadows and its proximity to water views.

Norra Parken Parhusen

Historically, the entire area was privately owned and zoned for military purposes. However, when Niam developed the property, we ensured that the beach area, field, and streets were made available for public access.

Näsby Slottspark was the recipient of Täby's Urban Development Prize in 2021.

Näsby Castle