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Pilot Project: EV Chargers in Residential Project

Niam is committed to providing attractive affordable homes in Denmark through its Nordhusene project. As part of our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, Niam has launched a pilot project to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers in the residential areas. The aim is to provide a convenient and sustainable charging solution for residents while contributing to the decarbonization of transportation.

Niam has been actively investing in housing projects across Denmark, resulting in the construction of more than 1,400 homes that are already occupied by tenants. With an additional investment in 800 homes, Niam is focused on creating sustainable and affordable housing options for individuals and families. To further our commitment to sustainability, Niam has undertaken various ESG initiatives, including the implementation of EV chargers in their residential projects.

This initiative aims to enhance the overall living experience for residents while supporting the transition to electric vehicles.
Jacob de Lichtenberg, Country Manager Denmark

Partnership with Spirii

To facilitate the installation of EV chargers, Niam has entered into a framework agreement with Spirii, a Danish full-solution provider. This partnership enables the integration of EV chargers in Niam's residential projects. The chargers will be installed as publicly available EV chargers on shared parking spaces and will also provide an option for tenants to install private home chargers in their driveways, where feasible.

Positive Environmental Impact

The first pilot project for the EV chargers was implemented at Solviften in Greve, a residential complex consisting of 80 newly built apartments near Copenhagen. By installing EV chargers at this location, Niam could gather data and assess the impact on resident behaviour and EV adoption. This data is crucial in making informed decisions regarding the number of EV chargers to be installed in future properties. Currently, Niam has 36 chargers across our locations in Denmark, providing EV charging infrastructure to the tenants of Nordhusene. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable transportation options.

EV Charge

The introduction of EV chargers as part of Niam's residential projects offers an added service to the tenants. With the convenience of accessible charging infrastructure, residents who own electric vehicles can enjoy the benefits of sustainable mobility without the challenges of finding reliable charging points. This initiative aligns with Niam's commitment to providing quality living spaces and addressing the evolving needs of modern living. Along with other added services, the EV chargers are intended to increase tenant retention and minimize churn cost.