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Record: Largest Real Estate Transaction in Danish History

In April 2017, Niam made a strategic acquisition of Danish company HD Ejendomme, with a property portfolio valued at approximately four billion Danish kroner. Over the following years, Niam underwent a significant transformation, selling off office properties and shifting its focus to residential properties.

Portfolio Transformation

Niam's acquisition of HD Ejendomme in 2017 marked the beginning of its strategic transformation. Recognizing the potential in the Danish housing market, Niam aimed to capitalize on steady population growth and the demand for modern and energy-efficient housing. As part of its strategy, Niam sold the majority of office properties within the portfolio while concurrently acquiring a larger number of residential properties. This allowed Niam to refocus its portfolio in terms of geography and segment.

Niam's strong knowledge and experience in managing residential portfolios in the Nordic region played a crucial role in achieving favorable outcomes.
Michael Berthelsen, Country Manager, Niam Denmark

Rapid Expansion of Residential Portfolio

The strategic shift towards residential properties proved fruitful for Niam. Between 2017 and 2020, the residential portfolio experienced significant growth, expanding from 2,000 to 6,000 units. Residential properties accounted for nearly 95 percent of the portfolio, demonstrating Niam's commitment to meeting the growing demand for housing options in Denmark. The addition of these properties enabled Niam to establish itself as a major player in the Danish residential market.

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The Landmark Transaction with Heimstaden

In December 2020, Niam achieved a remarkable milestone by executing the largest property transaction in Danish history. Niam sold the fully developed property portfolio, including HD Ejendomme, to Heimstaden Bostad. The transaction involved 152 residential properties, comprising 6,237 residential units, and a portfolio of 35 commercial properties situated in close proximity to the residential assets. The deal had a value of 16.5 billion Danish kroner, solidifying Niam's success in transforming the portfolio and generating significant profits.