Kaari Winter

Revitalizing Kaari Shopping Center

Kaari Shopping Center is, with its ~50,000 sqm, the sixth largest shopping center in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Niam has done several successful value-adding activities to increase the attractiveness to the center and today Kaari Shopping Center is the leading convenience center in Finland.

By strategically addressing key areas for improvement, implementing energy-efficient measures, and attracting exciting new tenants, Niam has created a thriving and sustainable shopping destination, and Kaari Shopping Center has experienced a remarkable increase in sales and footfall. 

I’m truly proud and grateful to be a part of this project, and to have been the one leading it. The most rewarding aspect is witnessing the tremendous growth in turnover, increased sales, and a larger customer base for the shopping center.
Markku Strömberg, Director, Portfolio Manager, Niam Finland

Transformative changes improving customer experience

After acquiring Kaari Shopping Center, Niam identified areas for improvement. The internal vertical connection and small business premises on the second floor were hindering customer flow and profitability.

To address these challenges, Niam implemented changes. Two escalators were installed between the first and second floors, directing customers to the shopping corridor. Small retail spaces on the second floor were demolished, and existing commercial apartments were expanded, bringing them closer to the open light chasm.
To tackle the declining fashion retailers' challenges, Niam replaced anchor tenants with home merchandise store chains like Jysk, Elgiganten, Tokmanni, and Dogman. This strategic move revitalized the shopping center, attracting customers seeking a broader product selection.

Kaari Winter

Rebuilding the restaurant world

Recognizing the need for an enticing and diverse culinary offering, Niam completely modernized the restaurant world within the shopping center. Previously, several restaurants struggled to generate profits, with one of the main reasons being inadequate opportunities to create pleasant lighting.

With that in mind, Niam rebuilt the restaurant area, creating 12 separate restaurants – a transformation bringing ample natural light and a wide range of dining options, ultimately creating an inviting and bustling atmosphere.

The implementation of sustainable solutions

As part of Kaari Shopping Center’s sustainable approach, Niam implemented various energy-efficient measures: traditional lighting was replaced with energy-saving LED lamps, significantly reducing energy consumption, and as part of the refurbishment, the renewal of Prisma's refrigeration machines allowed for enhanced heat recovery.

Niam also prioritized the improvement of building automation and control systems, ensuring efficient operations and a seamless shopping experience. To meet the growing popularity of electric vehicles, Niam installed charging points, promoting sustainable transportation options for visitors.