Caring for next generation

Guided by the UN Global Compact principles, we believe there is a clear link between delivering top performance and having a focus on sustainability.

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At Niam, our sustainability approach is all about balancing the needs of today with those of tomorrow, knowing that our investments have an impact beyond financial returns. That’s why we work closely with partners and stakeholders to make sure our efforts positively impact the environment, society, and economy. We want to participate in shaping a sustainable tomorrow. Not only because it’s our moral obligation but also because it’s a strategic priority in order to mitigate risks and meet growing client demands, in harmony with nature and their company values.

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A strategy to address our climate impact, enhance neighbourhoods, and create value for investors.

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Clear goals are crucial for mitigating climate impact and promoting global sustainable development.

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Niam’s performance is guided by a solid governance structure where ESG is an integrated part of our business.

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Important Steps on Sustainability Journey

In 2022, Niam made great strides in sustainability, integrating it further into our business. We prioritized social sustainability and took crucial steps, such as implementing new processes for sustainability assessments during acquisitions and creating action plans for sustainability improvements during holding.

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Creating Community Engagement

During 2022, Niam piloted a project aimed at increasing community engagement in our residential homes in Silkeborg, Denmark. By offering social activities for our tenants, we hope to create a great neighbourhood feeling.

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Niam improves GRESB sustainability score

In recent years, Niam's focus on sustainability strategies and new working methods has paid off. In the latest GRESB report for 2022, Niam was awarded a score of 86 out of 100, retaining their four-star rating.

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Contributing to Security and Engagement

Niam owns Haninge Centrum, a shopping centre in the south of Stockholm. Niam has been part of the initiative Haninge Entrance, which seeks to contribute to security and engagement in the area through community activities.

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