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Niam and Scandic introduce a new hotel in Värtahamnen

Niam and Scandic introduce a new hotel in Värtahamnen Image

Niam and Scandic Hotels’ joint hotel venture in Värtahamnen spans a total of 14,500 square meters. The hotel has recently undergone an extensive renovation, adding 40 rooms to bring the total to 323 rooms, making it one of Scandic's largest in Stockholm.

Earlier today Scandic unveiled its new hotel in Niam's property in Värtahamnen: Scandic Södra Kajen. With an outstanding view of Stockholm's harbour entrance, the hotel is set to become a natural destination going forward for all ages. Extensive renovation of the building and hotel have been ongoing since 2022, resulting in a completely new experience with 323 rooms, a sky bar, wellness facilities, a restaurant, and an activity lounge. The hotel will open on 10 June 2024.

A restaurant for 254 guests will open on the ground floor, enhancing the street scene and contributing to Värtahamnen’s vibrant neighbourhood. At the top of the building on the 17th floor, the hotel's sky bar will be open to the public. Here, Scandic's new wellness facility will be located, welcoming tweenies as well. In addition, 40 new rooms, a gym for hotel guests, and an activity lounge with features such as a climbing wall have been added.

With 4.5 million passengers arriving at Värtahamnen every year, the hotel represents another step in the city's vision to expand and create a lively street environment for both tourists and Stockholm residents. Scandic Södra Kajen offers a welcoming hotel experience close to both the heart of the city as well as the archipelago and green areas.

"A hotel of this size, with both an excellent restaurant and a sky bar, attracts visitors around the clock and becomes a crucial puzzle piece in creating vitality in the area. A lot is happening right now in Värtahamnen, and development is in full swing. Both we and Bonnier are constructing new office buildings simultaneously as the city expands the quay. Scandic Södra Kajen also complements BK's (Banankompaniets) establishment with larger events and concerts in Värtahamnen," says Ola Kolmert, Business Developer at Niam.

Niam's lease agreement with Scandic is long-term (20-25 years), turnover-based, and corresponds to approximately 14,500 square meters. The joint hotel venture is part of the extensive urban development project aimed at turning Värtahamnen into a vibrant downtown area with high sustainability goals.

"Värtahamnen is an exciting urban development project, and we will increase the area’s attractiveness. Scandic Södra Kajen is an exciting addition to our approximately thirty hotels in the capital, and we expect interest from both groups and individual business travellers as well as incoming tourists and locals as the area grows," says Maria Valentin, District Director at Scandic.